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Cryptocurrencies are not yet regulated in South Africa.
HODL OTC Proactively complies with KYC, FICA and AML Laws.

South Africa’s trusted Over The Counter crypto trading service. We have concluded over R170 000 000 worth of bulk transactions at preferential rates for our satisfied clients over the last year, and look forward to offering you our specialised, safe, personal service.

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What Do We Do?

We broker transactions, immune to market volatility and without affecting price action in the market for large orders of Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency - safe efficient and effortlessly. We Broker Transactions direct between you and the acquirer. Trades are locked in and then settled without the risk of market price movements. All customer funds flow through a nominee account in your name for your peace of mind.

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Our Reviews

Utilizing Hodlotc.com to acquire crypto currency and assets has been an absolute pleasure. From the onset to completion, their level of professionalism has been exemplary.

Transferring your funds into your own Nominee Account alleviates safety concerns and from there, liaising with their efficient team is equally pleasurable. All my questions were answered timeously and explained meticulously.

The process of acquiring crypto currency and assets can be a harrowing endeavor, due to trust issues that have plagued this industry from unscrupulous entities, but Hodlotc make the process simple, safe, effective and legal. They run a “tight ship” and will no doubt be “sailing” with them again.

Super fast and effective service! Thank you Jedske and Cecilia.

Features of HODL OTC

HODL OTC brings buyers and sellers together through a trusted, compliant manner to ensure all parties are protected at all times. Trailblazing the foundations of trusted, secure and compliant OTC trades in South Africa.

Lower Transaction Costs

A trusted platform available to customers and companies with lower transaction payments and no hidden fees or spreads like most exchanges.

P2P Transactions

We connect buyers to sellers direct and our operations are easy, speedy and safe. With Depp Liquidity pools and Whales at the ready to transact we have the most conveient service offering available.

Premium Services for Companies

HODL OTC issue invoices and summaries of all transactions for companies to ensure that all auditing requirements are met and your business can enjoy the benefits crypto investing has to offer with no administrative flaws.